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Members of Seed Association of Ukraine


LLC Euralis Semence

"Euralis Semence" is a  part of the French agricultural group "Euralis" which was founded in South West France in 1936. The main activities of the group are:

- Production of seed, breeding and research activities

- Trader operation of commodity grain.

- Food production.

Unit for the seeds production within the "Euralis" has been working since 1950 and is one of the strategic activities. There is a breeding and seed production of maize, sunflower, winter and spring rape, grain sorghum and soybeans.

Products of LLC "Euralis Semence" in Ukraine has been known since the 1990s under the trademark "Rustica".

Since 2006, "Euralis Semence" has been represented in Ukraine by two its own companies:

- LLC "Euralis Semence Ukraine", a company that conducts business and marketing activities,

- Seed plant in Cherkasy  LLC "Cherlys" which produces seeds for the market of Ukraine and for export to Russia, Belarus and other countries.


Already in 1900, KWS became the leader in world trade in sugar beet seeds and began to establish subsidiaries. In Ukraine KWS built its first plant seed in 1905, known as Vinnitsa seed plant.

In 2001 the subsidiary LLC "KWS-Ukraine" was founded, which provides seed production, marketing and agro services. KWS offers 13 hybrids of sugar beet, 20 maize hybrids and high-performance of hybrid of sunflower, fodder beet, winter rape, rye, spring barley varieties and potatoes to Ukrainian producers.

Hybrids and varieties of KWS are adapted to soil and climatic conditions of Ukraine, in particular moisture and heat insuring of specific stress agents, phytosanitary, entomological situation in different regions of cultivation.

KWS provides the Ukrainian market with unique seed of sugar beet, sunflower, oilseed rape and barley grown in South-Western parts of Europe and made on the modern seed plant in Einbeck and other plants in Europe

Seeds of maize and partly sunflower are bred in Ukraine under the supervision of KWS specialists. Whereas the original seed of parent components imported from Germany is used. Recently, in 2008, the company KWS built maize seed plant in Ukraine.


"CAUSSADE SEMENCES" is a French Group which business is 100% seed-related.  14% of its turnover is dedicated to improving plants for the farming community. CAUSSADE SEMENCES controls all the process of research, production, processing and marketing. The Group was created in 1962. It’s present on all continents and constantly expending geographically. CAUSSADE SEMENCES works with over 50 different species, with a rapidly expanding range of maize, sunflower, rapeseed, cereals, forages,…  CAUSSADE SEMENCES research is highly effective, with a track record of 230 varieties of maize registered over the last 11 years.

The characteristics of UKRAINE ‘s agriculture are very different from the West Europe ones: big farms and continental climate require a specific agronomical approach, to provide varieties adapted to the local conditions. CAUSSADE SEMENCES’ genetic development takes into account the requirements of farmers, breeders, traders, officials and distribution channels. It’s the best way to come up with the perfect response to each market expectations.

The presence of teams from its subsidiaries is crucial for CAUSSADE SEMENCES: CAUSSADE VOSTOK has been created in 2012 to provide services and build mutual trust with its Ukrainian partners.

Limited liability company “Limagrain Ukraine” was founded on 24th October 2008. The founder is company Limagrain Europe S.A. (France).  

The Company is a member of the world's leading seed group of companies Limagrain, which has subsidiaries or branches in 38 countries with total staff of over 7200 people, including more than 1,400 breeders or researchers. The main activities are breeding and seed production of field and vegetable crops. In addition, a group of companies has leading positions in the food industry, particularly in the manufacture of bakery products and ingredients. In 2009, the annual funding of research and breeding work in the group reached €633million.

The main activities of LLC ”Limagrain Ukraine" are:

 1 - Wholesale trade of seeds

2 - seed production in Ukraine

3 - export and import of seeds

4 - providing services for foreign companies conducting business in Ukraine, including investment in Ukraine, registration of new seed varieties, exporting seeds from Ukraine to other countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others.

While providing relevant opportunity at the legislative level in Ukraine, the company plans to conduct the  breeding work in Ukraine with corresponding investments.


LLC "Maisadour Semences Ukraine"

"Maisadour Semences Ukraine" was founded by French cooperative Maisadour in November 2007 to promote agricultural activities in Eastern Europe. Priority areas are growing grain and industrial crops and seed production.

The main objective of "Maisadour Semences" in Ukraine is an offer of adapted hybrids in terms of agronomy, which are made in accordance to local soil and climatic conditions that will optimize economic results of management.
In Mogilev of Tsarychansk district of Dnepropetrovsk region, French association "Maisadour Semences" has built the most modern seed plant in Europe. Using the most modern equipment available on the market, the company dries, calibrates and processes seeds. This is modern complex of powerful agricultural production and storage of grain "Maisadour Semences Ukraine."

European level, full biological treatment, compliance with all appropriate regulations and permitions allow people to work efficiently and fast. The plant has created more than 100 permanent jobs. Cooperation with the French company "Maisadour Semence" comes up to the most optimistic hopes and expectations not only in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but also in Ukraine.

LLC “Ragt Semences-Ukraine”

Limited liability company “RAGT Semences-Ukraine” was created in 2010. The founder of the company is RAGT Semences (France).

RAGT Semences was founded in 1919. The Company has 18 branches and more than 1000 highly qualified employees only in Europe.

The Company is an integral part of one of the world leaders in the field of seed production RAGT. In its European assets the company has 19 research stations, 6 factories, 24 kinds of breeding crops, 235 commercial varieties of seeds and 2500000 hectares of sown area with RAGT genetics. The main crops produced by RAGT are corn, sunflower, sorghum, canola and forage grasses.

Saatbau Ukraine, LLC

The company Saatbau is an Austrian cooperative, which already for 60 years has been engaged in breeding, seed production and seed marketing in Europe. The cooperative consists of 3,000 farmers who are growers and owners of the company. In 2013, the company opened a subsidiary in Ukraine. Saatbau Ukraine, LLC has its own breeding in three directions: cereals, soybeans and their own maize breeding program. There are already some registered varieties in Ukraine.



Recently the construction of the seed plant on sunflower seeds processing was completed and LLC “Syngenta” is a representative of "Syngenta" in Ukraine which operates in over 90 countries, it employs more than 25,000 employees. It was founded in 2000 and it has inherited the achievements and traditions of strong companies like Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemicals, "Syngenta" has become a leading company in the global agrochemical market, aimed at ensuring sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology, investing in research and development about 1 billion US dollars annually.

Today the company "Syngenta" is represented in Ukraine by a wide range of seed and agrochemical products for the most demanding needs of farmers by implementing high-performance seed sunflower, maize, winter rape, sugar beet, sorghum silage, vegetable seeds and flower offering were the most balanced portfolio of selection of crop products.


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