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Quantitative expansion of the number of members of SAU

Meeting of the Board of Seed Association of Ukraine took place on February 24, 2012 in the room of company “Pioneer Seeds Ukraine”.

A key item of the agenda was identified an acceptance of new members of the Association. Thus, the results of the meeting of the Board members of the association in the status of associate membership included the following companies: JSC "Amako Ukraine" LLC "Ukrainian agricultural chemical company," Company "Andreas Neocleous & Co.».
Years of experience and excellent reputation in the land of the agricultural market of Ukraine and the desire to promote a transparent and civilized seed market in Ukraine, creating opportunities for sustainable seed industry development in Ukraine with best world’s achievements unite all new members of the association.
Companies "Amako Ukraine" and "Ukrainian Agro-Chemical Company" provide farmers with seed, crop protection products, plant nutrition systems from leading multinational companies, whose names are a guarantee of quality. The main purpose of these companies is to increase the efficiency of production processes in agriculture, especially through the use of qualitative results of selection and implementation of advanced technologies of growing crops, which allow companies-partners to obtain stable yields while ensuring respect for the land and ecology.
International law firm Andreas Neocleous & Co is one of the largest law firms in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. The company has more than 45 years of experience and excellent reputation for advising on a wide range of issues, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, tax and customs law, banking and finance, intellectual property, land and real estate, licensing and regulatory issues, arbitration and jurisprudence, and others. The company offers a proactive and innovative approach to analyzing and drafting of legal acts, amendments to them, and also provides an opportunity to have highly qualified legal assistance to members of the Seed Association of Ukraine concerning their legislative and regulatory initiatives.
The openness of the Association for membership of companies that are able to further the principles of the Association and to contribute to the development of seed production in Ukraine was confirmed by the Board of the Association.


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